Guest Post: Thanksgiving Beer Pairings with Randy

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The Thanksgiving holiday is a great time of the year for the family at Three Palms Brewing. Like many other families, we love to cook a huge meal and eat until we are comfortably full(or stuffed, lol). Our meal typically consists of turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, pan fried and turkey stuffing for our main course and pumpkin pie for dessert.

In addition to the food, craft beer is a big part of our Thanksgiving day celebration of course! This Thanksgiving day, before our meal, we will start with the Three Palms Brewing Morning Pourage American Stout coming in at 4.7% ABV. With coffee like notes, medium body, and dry finish, this makes for a great pre Thanksgiving meal beer that goes well with a cinnamon roll. Once the Thanksgiving feast is ready to hit the table, we will pour ourselves a pint of our Pindo IPA. The aroma from the hops, citrus and tropical fruit notes and slightly sweet malt profile will bring the Thanksgiving feast together in harmony.

After some time of relaxing and watching football, we will work our way to the dessert tray. Of course before we do so, we will pour ourselves a snifter of our Sir Albert’s Reserve American Imperial Stout. The full body and chocolate notes of this beer as well as slight alcohol warming at 9.4% ABV make it a great candidate to pair with a piece of home made pumpkin pie. We currently have the beer mentioned to take home in growlers(while supplies last) so you too can enjoy your Thanksgiving feast as we do at Three Palms Brewing! Either way, have a safe and fun holiday, Cheers!