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Stein and Vine

I can’t do it. I can’t eat the whole thing. It’s massive, and spicy.


I must look like one of those bears that just polished off a deer, blood red hot sauce dripping from my beard. A dazed look in my eyes.

This is a delicious burger is filled with many delicious things including fresh (not pickled) jalapeƱos, vinegary hot sauce, and blue cheese. Lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle all come along for the ride, and what a wild ride it is.

I paired my Volcano burger with a sour Rodenbach Grand Cru. The dry beer helped quench the flames from the volcano. It was a majestic pairing if I do say so myself. Before dinner I whet my palate with an Ommegang Abbey Ale – a fantastic example of a Belgian Dubbel. Both beers were on draught and served in proper glassware.


The place offers a bunch of great beer on draft, even more (including some great Belgians) on bottle, and has a great atmosphere to boot. It’s pretty small though, so get in early if you want to partake.

Burgers and such are about $10 but they’re worth every penny. And they come with tater tots.

Also: the place is family friendly. Lots of families with kids on a Thursday night, but also enough space to keep ’em separated from the homebrew beer geeks.

Overall: surprised such a cool place could be found in this part of town. I’ll be back.

And if you’re wondering: I did it.

May, 2013 Follow-up: I went here with my kids in tow on a Wednesday night. I have young-ish kids (combined age of both of my kids is only 10) and while the waitstaff was awesome, I learned that there is no kids menu and they don’t have regular juices or milk on hand. They do however have some delicious soft drinks in bottles. So I do stand by my assertion that you can bring kids successfully – but just not young ones.

May, 2013 Follow-up #2: I met with the owner Ty this past weekend and he mentioned to me that he’s happy to customize a dish for kids or hack something off the menu for the kiddos. He’s a dad of two youngish kids himself, so he gets it. If you’re concerned, I say give it a shot, just not on a hoppin’ bar night like Friday or Saturday. Maybe earlier in the evening?

Stein & Vine is located at 827 W. Bloomingdale Ave. (Bloomingdale and Kings Ave., South West corner, across the street from the car wash. Look for the sign that reads “PUB”).


Revolution Ice Cream

There’s a book of M. C. Escher prints on the repurposed-pallets-cum-table in front of me.

In the background, the proprietor offers to turn anything into a shake – “you could even mix nutter fudger and banana pudding.”

Phoenix plays softly in the background as my kids draw on the chalkboard paint wall in the kid area. Ancient garage sale oil-paining portraits of Army men, housewives, and old black men watch over us all.


Before I know it, Laurel’s breaking the last of my waffle bowl into pieces and offers me a a coconut curry soaked piece. It was delicious.

If you’re in the mood for something out of the ordinary, give this place a shot. We had the coconut curry, banana pudding, and chocolate shock. The chocolate habaƱero was awesome, as was porky’s delight. There was too much on offer to enjoy them all.

I did make a point to try the Youngs Double Chocolate Stout ice cream, being the beer lover I am and all. It was actually remarkably delicious – the malty beer mixing gently with the soft chocolate flavors was incredible. I kept thinking about how delicious it would be with Hunahpu.

Prices range from $2.50 to $7.00. Take away is available, but why would you? This place is cozy and yummy.

Revolution Ice Cream is located at 220 W. Brandon Blvd between Kings and Parsons on the North side of the street.