Big Bodied Beer Enthusiast: Jonathon Valo

Jonathon Valo

I’m a big bodied beer enthusiast. I love Russian Imperial Stouts, Milk Stouts, American Stouts, stout stouts, and tall stouts. Oh and I love other beer styles as well, you know, barley wines, coffee stouts, sours, ect. I’ve been homebrewing for the last year and recently went all grain. I have a sweet spot for meads as well and I find I split my fermentation vessels and time evenly between these two passions.

I discovered I could enjoy beer, almost 6 years ago, when a friend of mine poured me a glass of a Hazelnut Porter he brewed while living at an Orchid Nursery in Sarasota. It swung open the doors of perception and what have you. I was hooked and slowly but surely beer took a position of prominence in my life. It started with scouring bottle shops close to home, and then it started getting a place in my travels, now I travel with one bag and come back with two or more.

I hope to bring this passion through in my coverage of events and beers in the Tampa Bay area beyond. If I can, I’d like to bring you a little closer to driving that extra 30 minutes to that new brewery or that beer release across town.


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