Editor in Chief: John Tesmer

John Tesmer, chief beer lover and editor in chief of Tampa Bay Brew News

I admire this beer.

Admiring a fine CCB brew at Hunahpu’s Day 2013.

What can I say? I love beer.

I love the purity of it all: honest ingredients, passion, and commitment go in and what comes out it a testament to the intentions of the crafter. I’m intimidated by the complexity and drawn in by the simplicity. There is an endless world of variety in beer, and tasting each one is like getting a glimpse into the mind of the brewer, the ingredients, and the environment in which these beers can be lovingly produced.

I started this blog to showcase the people of Tampa Bay’s beer scene, the fruits of their labors, and to show the world what we have going on here. It’s very special.

Day Job

It’s complicated, but basically I deal with data. Lots and lots of data.

Favorite Beer

There are just so many! I’m a real big fan of oak-aged ales, fresh cask ales, and sours.

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