Even more love for Tampa’s beer scene

USA Today named CCB as the #5 Craft Brewery in the US. And it’s not just an Editor at USA Today – it’s over 11,000 readers of USA Today.

The Daily Meal couldn’t have found more variation when we began to survey our craft beer experts and readers about who they think deserves to be called the “best” craft brewery in America. We asked some of the country’s leading craft beer experts (can we have that job?) for their suggestions of which breweries they thought were among the best in the country. Their nominations included breweries of all sizes, regions, and styles. After all, narrowing down a list of 2,538-plus breweries (the latest numbers from the Brewer’s Association) to a mere top three nominations is no easy feat. After we picked through the 72 nominees we received, we put the vote to you, the readers. Thanks to you and the support of these outstanding 72 nominees — who cast more than 11,500 votes — we got our list of the best craft breweries in America.

And this is rarefied air, too. Among the top 10: Dogfish Head, Stone, Founders, New Belgium, and Lagunitas, to name a few.

In this editor’s opinion, the amazing thing is that CCB does this with WAY less brewhouse capacity and square footage than the others in the top 10 list.

Way to go guys! Keep on keepin’ on.