Events for 2015

I’ve started collecting events for 2015. You may start to see some on the calendar. I’ve also introduced a new “event descriptions” set of pages – these pages contain high-level overviews of the event and links to the annual event pages and reviews.

Here are the events I have so far, in no particular order. Let me know if you can think of anything else! Thanks to Bob Lorber for helping fill the list out.

1. Halfway there
2. FBG beer fest
3. Tampa bay beer week
4. Stogies and stouts
5. Brewers ball
6. Cajun cafe events (Spring, Fall, Sour, Cider)
7. Oktoberfests (many!)
8. Hunaphu hangover day
9. Brewery anniversary parties (many!)
10. 97x party
11. Sarasota beer fest
12. Eggs and kegs (every 3rd Sunday)
13. Fruit in the room
14. Occupy events