Guinness Changed My Life: Teresa Schwarzkopf

It all started two years ago in a dimly lit, smoky Irish pub. I made my way to the bar, and immediately my eyes rested upon the thick, velveteen wisps that crowned his deep ebony countenance. Just by looking at him, I knew he was rich. He seemed like a smooth operator, I could tell that much, but I really had no idea what I was getting myself into as I gave way to this new temptation. My lips rested against the flavor of him, and I was instantly swept away. He was so much more than the average weak, soulless Joe-Schmo that I had fallen game to over and again, and I knew in my heart that this pint of Guinness would somehow change my life forever.

Guinness will always have a special place in my heart for being my “gateway beer” into the wonderful world of micro-brews. And of course, I believe that my deep love for stouts stems from my very first sip of that Irish classic.

My favorite aspect of craft beer is the innumerable possibilities that lie within the canvas of each glass. The alluring aromas, the enticing flavor characteristics that slowly develop and mature upon the tongue… I find myself captivated by all of the exquisite details that reflect the infinite volumes of thought, heart and spirit that goes into developing each unique brew. Best of all, whether you relish alone or in great company, the experience of partaking one of these beers is always an enriching one.

Besides spending time amorously sniffing the heads on pints at the brewpub alongside my fellow brew hounds, I do of course have my responsible “adult” life in which I work in the health field as a medical coder. My other hobbies surround my family, friends and wonderful boyfriend. I do not have children, but my adorable black lab’s destructively wagging tail certainly fills that place in my heart. I’m a Sagittarius with a goofy personality, and I definitely possess the brand of humor that finds me in awkward situations. I enjoy writing and reading. I┬ámust confess that I’m referring to books such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Stephen King, and the like. I’m also hopelessly addicted to video games and RPG’s such as The Elder Scrolls. I do occasionally still pick up my guitar, but I suppose I’ve lost my touch. Let’s face it. Nowadays I sing better with a richly balanced coffee stout in hand than with my poor, beautiful acoustic. But, no matter my musical talent and skills, I can always discover and appreciate the lovely, complex notes found within the aromas and lacing of a well brewed beer… And hopefully share the experience with others.

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