Homebrewer Gone Pro: Robb Larson

A little about me huh? Oh, anyway, I’m not sure what I enjoy more beer or writing, or maybe writing about beer. But here’s a little about me and my story.

My thirst for Craft beer began back in 1991 when I turned the glorious age of 21. I had consumed a gluttony of macro swill by that point and longed for something with real flavor. Maybe it was all a cultural backlash, after all I was feeling pretty anti-establishment donned in my finest flannel while cruising around in my maroon Dodge 600 blasting post-grunge alt rock CD’s each evening. Back then there weren’t many Craft beers, and the term itself wasn’t even used (in 99% of circles) until a decade later. It was known as microbrew and my inoculation came in the forms of Summit Extra Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and Sam Adams Boston Lager. I was hooked.

Seeing craft beer grow into the international juggernaut it is today has been a rewarding experience. Back in college (mid 90’s) my friend and roommate Todd and I would make a point to try any new beer we could find. I even helped him brew his own and of course drank plenty of his house made nectar.

Flash forward to 2007 and having witnessed craft beer’s coming of age and finally having my own garage I began to homebrew. Since then I’ve brewed approximately 80 batches to varying degrees of quality.

In 2010 I began writing about beer for a friend’s Wine based website-Taylor Eason.com. It was love at first paragraph. Beer reviews and events were mainly what I wrote about at first. It was a catharsis. After becoming bored with the same old writing format I decided to start adding a creative twist to some of my posts. Beer Noir was my first foray into melding creative fiction with beer reviews and other creations like a Halloween review wrapped around the Evil Dead storyline soon followed.

My friend, Kent Bailey, asked me to help him open Coppertail Brewing Company in February 2013. One of my duties at the brewery is handling most of the blogging and social media activities. Many of my Coppertail blog posts are hopefully entertaining as well as informative and educational.

At Tampa Bay Brew News I’m hoping that I can bring quality beer writing that folks get a chuckle out of.

A few other facts about me:

  • Am shacked up (since 2002) with Lisa Colburn of Bay Area Barley’s Angels.
  • Have more cats than I care to admit until I have a couple of cold ones (beers.)
  • Am a Libra.
  • Avid Disc Golf player.
  • Rabid MN Vikings fan.

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