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Bay Area Barley’s Angels

All About Hops: Bay Area Barley’s Angels February 2014 Meeting

It’s that time again, so get your notebooks & pencils ready because this month we’ll be doing some learnin’ about hops. Whether you are an IPA queen or a resolved Stout lover, every beer girl should know about the flavor, aroma, and bittering properties that hops bring to beer. So come on down to our new HQ, Southern Brewing & Winemaking on February 25th from 7 – 9 and learn a thing or 2 while sampling 3 selections from Southern’s Hopburst series. And, who better to teach us than hop-blogger & fellow Angel Cindy Lyons.

Featured beers will be:

• Summit/Amarillo – This version of our Hopburst Pale Ale features Summit and Amarillo hops. The Summit hops contribute distinct earthy onion and garlic tones that combine nicely with the floral and tropical fruit characteristics of the Amarillo hops. These two hops contribute a stronger bitterness to the beer than normally found in our Hopburst series that will delight IPA lovers.
• Simcoe/Citra – The Simcoe/Citra hop combination was the first in our Hopburst series and is even better this time around! The Simcoe hops provide passion fruit, pine, earth and citrus characteristics while the Citra hops add strong citrus and tropical tones. This pale ale is an excellent, refreshing brew that you can sip on all night long.
• Palisade – Known for apricot, grass and clean floral characteristics. We don’t have much of a description for this one because this is the first time they’ve ever brewed it and it’s still in the works!

Beer appropriate snacks will be provided.

Social hour starts at 6, meeting promptly at 7.

Non-members $10
Members $5 – a member discount code will be posted on the Members Only Group Page. If you have a yearly membership & have not joined the group page PM me for it.
*Gratuity is NOT included in this price, so be sure to show some love & tip your server!*

Remember, this is a LADIES ONLY event – sorry guys!

Bay Area Barley's Angels

January Bay Area Barley’s Angels Meeting: Brew Bus to Pinellas

Hop on the Magic Bus!

The Tampa Bay Brew Bus, that is. Take us to Pinellas!

That’s right ladies, this month the Bay Area Barley’s Angels and the Tampa Bay Brew Bus will be heading to St. Pete. This is not your average 3 hour tour, so be warned – we will hit as many local breweries as we can in the 4 hour time limit. Starting on the north side with Pair O’ Dice and Rapp – who have both kindly granted us tours – then heading south to 3 Daughters, Green Bench & Cycle (and St. Petersburg Brewing if they are open yet).

Beer, soda, water and snacks will be provided on the Bus. You will be responsible for your own tab and sobriety, so sample wisely!

Note: Cycle is a cash only tasting room & most pints are are $5, but specialty beers run more.

The 1st 20 people that purchase tickets will get them for $20 after that the price will go up to $25. Day of event will be $30. Paid yearly members will be refunded the $5 meeting discount.

We have the BIG BUS for this, so bring a friend, or 2, or 5, but remember that this is a WOMEN ONLY event, no dudes allowed!

Bay Area Barley's Angels

Blossoming Barley’s Angels: New Belgium Brewing

TBBN’s sincerest congratulations go out to Lisa Schneider Colburn of the Tampa Bay chapter of the Bay Area Barley’s Angels and Independent Owner Veronica Danko. On October 23, Wood Cellar Manager, Blender, and Sensory Specialist at New Belgium Brewing Company Lauren Salazar presented to the group about her efforts to revolutionize their sensory tasting programs and develop their barrel aging program. All the while, the ladies of Bay Area Barley’s Angels savored delicious New Belgium beers and gnoshed on stinky cheeses. Lucky. Hey Lisa, can I come to the next one on my press pass?


edit: words. Brouhaha was completely the wrong word to use here. 🙁


Bay Area Barley’s Angels

Bay Area Barley's AngelsIt’s very rare that I would ever advocate for any group that only includes a single race, creed, or gender, but I will make a singular exception for Lisa Schneider Colburn’s Bay Area Barley’s Angels. Why? Because they’re trying to grow Tampa Bay’s beer scene by bringing in people who don’t like beer: women.

You see, there is a false perception out there that beer is a man’s drink. Lots of women are just plain turned off by it. And why shouldn’t they be: most of what they’re exposed to is either what their dad drank (probably Old Milwaukee) or what their college boyfriend drank (probably Natural Light Ice). Neither of these are really characteristic of the beers that are now available through the “craft beer movement.” And that is something that Lisa’s looking to amend: she wants to enhance, broaden, and otherwise ameliorate the beverage situation among Tampa Bay’s beverage-oppressed fairer sex. You see, this is an educational group.

The rules are few and simple:

  1. It’s about the people, and those people must be female.
  2. There will be food (and beer!) at every event.
  3. There’s a minor charge for each event – these ladies pay their own way.

Applying these rules, Barley’s Angels will explore new styles; learn about how beer is produced, marketed, and sold; and grow their own personal networks. Men are welcome to present and/or serve (only if they’re shirtless and look like Ryan Gosling), but they can’t join or attend meetings. Sorry guys, you’ll have to find your own club.

Logistics: meeting prices will vary and will be announced on the group’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/BayAreaBarleysAngels). Membership is not required, but if you join you get a cool tasting notebook, pen, and a discount on meeting fees. Meetings will likely be monthly and hosted by local breweries, homebrew supply shops, pubs, and the like.

Bay Area Barley's Angels Tasting Journal and Pens

Each member will get a cool tasting journal and pen.

The group’s first meeting will be Tuesday September 17th at Southern Brewing. RSVP on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BayAreaBarleysAngels#!/events/546481575430838/. The group will take the mystery out of Oktoberfest Beers (yum!).

So – guys – are you looking for a way to get your lady into craft beer in a safe, fun, and not-guided-by-you way? She’d probably love this – send her off and meet me at Stein and Vine for a pint.

Ladies – looking for something new and fun to do? Try it out!

Good luck Lisa!