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Bay Area Barley’s Angels

Bay Area Barley's AngelsIt’s very rare that I would ever advocate for any group that only includes a single race, creed, or gender, but I will make a singular exception for Lisa Schneider Colburn’s Bay Area Barley’s Angels. Why? Because they’re trying to grow Tampa Bay’s beer scene by bringing in people who don’t like beer: women.

You see, there is a false perception out there that beer is a man’s drink. Lots of women are just plain turned off by it. And why shouldn’t they be: most of what they’re exposed to is either what their dad drank (probably Old Milwaukee) or what their college boyfriend drank (probably Natural Light Ice). Neither of these are really characteristic of the beers that are now available through the “craft beer movement.” And that is something that Lisa’s looking to amend: she wants to enhance, broaden, and otherwise ameliorate the beverage situation among Tampa Bay’s beverage-oppressed fairer sex. You see, this is an educational group.

The rules are few and simple:

  1. It’s about the people, and those people must be female.
  2. There will be food (and beer!) at every event.
  3. There’s a minor charge for each event – these ladies pay their own way.

Applying these rules, Barley’s Angels will explore new styles; learn about how beer is produced, marketed, and sold; and grow their own personal networks. Men are welcome to present and/or serve (only if they’re shirtless and look like Ryan Gosling), but they can’t join or attend meetings. Sorry guys, you’ll have to find your own club.

Logistics: meeting prices will vary and will be announced on the group’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/BayAreaBarleysAngels). Membership is not required, but if you join you get a cool tasting notebook, pen, and a discount on meeting fees. Meetings will likely be monthly and hosted by local breweries, homebrew supply shops, pubs, and the like.

Bay Area Barley's Angels Tasting Journal and Pens

Each member will get a cool tasting journal and pen.

The group’s first meeting will be Tuesday September 17th at Southern Brewing. RSVP on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BayAreaBarleysAngels#!/events/546481575430838/. The group will take the mystery out of Oktoberfest Beers (yum!).

So – guys – are you looking for a way to get your lady into craft beer in a safe, fun, and not-guided-by-you way? She’d probably love this – send her off and meet me at Stein and Vine for a pint.

Ladies – looking for something new and fun to do? Try it out!

Good luck Lisa!