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Intuition Ale Works: Let’s Make Florida More Beer Friendly

Just got off the phone with Ben Davis, proprietor of Jacksonville’s Intuition Ale Works. We chatted a bit about what’s fermenting over there (a Simcoe based IPA fermented on Brett – dry and hoppy, yum — ed.) and his latest foray into the beer business: lobbying.

Davis recently hired a Tallahassee lobbyist (at a “competitive” rate – Intuition is footing the bill) to augment the good things that Josh Aubuchon (Holland and Knight) and the Florida Brewer’s Guild are doing. The vision: make Florida a more beer friendly state. “If you look at what’s happening in North Carolina or Colorado or California and compare it to what’s happening in Florida – we’re way behind” says Davis. His mission: make it easier for breweries to start and grow. Making Florida more beer friendly won’t only help beer drinkers in the state, it will help grow our biggest industry: tourism.

We’ll see what happens after this first issue – I’m calling it “GrowlerGate” – is addressed. Davis has big plans for the Florida beer scene, and he’s definitely pushing to make it happen. Three cheers for Ben Davis!

For more detailed coverage on Ben’s foray, check out Peter Schorsch’s excellent post on St. Peters’ Blog: http://www.saintpetersblog.com/jaxs-intuition-ale-works-becomes-first-craft-brewery-to-hire-a-lobbying-firm