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What happened to my beloved Hopped on the High Seas?

Hopped on the High Seas

… turns out it is no more. I got a chance to speak with Wayne Wambles tonight about the fate of the brand, only to learn that due to some unforeseen circumstances they had to discontinue the project. That leaves this guy personally very saddened – I looked forward to the experimental hop blends!

All is not lost however – Wambles reports that they’re looking for other production facilities in the Caribbean that can provide at least 200BBL batch production capacity. So the series may be resurrected at some point in the future, just not right now. There’s also talk of bring it to life at the Brew Hub in Lakeland, but that would detract from the whole “high seas” approach.

And about that approach – how did “Hopped on the High Seas” come to be? Whose idea was it? Quoth Wambles the great:

I guess it wasn’t really any of ours individually. We were all on the same page due to what would be best for the beer. The IPA story fell in our lap in the process. There was no capable packaging line down there and no large cooler space so we felt that it would be best to ship the beer with yeast(to reduce oxygen levels) and since the 1200 mile transit was going to take 6-7 days(the same amount of time as our dry hopping contact), it just made sense. It was less of a gimmick and more a necessity.

Beautiful stuff.