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Southern Brewing Releases First Pyments into Tampa Bay Area

Southern Brewing Craft Pyments

Southern Brewing & Winemaking will be releasing the area’s first locally crafted pyments this month.

What’s a pyment? A pyment is a subcategory of melomel a mead made with honey and fruit that specifically uses wine grapes for the fruit  addition. Also known as “grape mead” or “honeyed wine,” the beverage is an unexplored style for most beer and wine drinkers in the Tampa Bay area.

For the first batch of pyments, Mead Maker Brian Wing used the same grape juices that are available in the wine kits on the retail side at Southern, along with Wildflower and Orange Blossom honey from a nearby Tampa Bay apiary.

Southern will begin serving the pyments on tap at 6p on February 27th, and 32 oz growler fills will be available. Hot Box’d Steamed cheeseburgers will be onsite serving food from 510p.