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Budding Brewer Builds Brilliant Brewstands

Have you met MacGyver? You know, the dashing ’80’s hero who could pick a lock using a chewing gum wrapper and a bottle of Windex? Yeah, well I bet MacGyver was a home brewer. See that’s one characteristic that all home brewers share – aside from all of us being dashing and debonair and having incredible theme song – that is we generally have a maker’s mentality. In home brewing, that translates to the ability to make mash tuns out of igloo coolers and the creative use of gravity to move large volumes of hot sticky water around without burning anyone or making their wives ban all home brewing activities on the kitchen stove. Don’t ask.

Joshua Garman

Most home brewers are content with their own Rube Goldberg-esque contraptions. See, the brewing process is not complex – but it does involve heavy, hot, sticky, and wet stuff. Any tools or equipment to reduce the labors involved in heating, cooling, lifting, pouring, and generally dealing with the heavy, hot, sticky, and wet stuff are welcome additions to any brewer’s repertoire. Enter our hero, MacGyver, and tinkerer cum laude: Joshua Garman.

Joshua makes brewstands. A brewstand is probably the pièce de résistance for the home-brewer. It’s kind of like the foundation of the brewing process. Heating water for your mash? It starts on the brewstand. Moving water into the mash-tun? Yep, the pump is attached to the brewstand. Keeping your mash temp at 158 for 60 minutes? Yep, the brewstand holds the gas pipes, valves, and controllers that keep the cold beer in your hand and your hand off the gas valve. Have a back problem and can’t lift that 100 pound kettle? Yep, there’s a pump for that. And for that, Josh is a God. He’s applying his gifts: engineering know-how, skill with tools, and in-depth knowledge of the brewing process. The results speak for themselves. Fewer back aches. More beer.

An extruded aluminum brewstand.

Joshua Garman, proprietor of Levitate Brewing Systems customized this extruded aluminum brew stand for a customer.

Josh has been home brewing now for a few years and this is the natural extension of his craft. He’s no longer content just making beer – now he wants to make the tools that help others make beer. Josh is so confident in his ability he started a company – Levitate Brewing Systems – to bring his crafts to market. His first customers are local homebrew club members, but he’s expanding. Josh is working with local home brew store Southern Brewing and Winemaking to put a demo stand in their store. Look for it there soon.

Right now the systems are custom developed to meet your individual tastes. Like aluminum rather than stainless steel? No problem. Want electrically controlled gas valves? Check. Josh brings multiple talents to bear, not just welding. He even designs easy to use automatic control systems that, and I’ll be honest, made me feel like I was sitting in front of the control panel of a launch pad. I love gadget porn.

Levitate Brewing Systems brew stand controller.

Levitate Brewing Systems brew stand controller.

Josh is rightfully proud of his work – it’s brew-ti-ful. But the results speak for themselves. I got a chance to taste a delicious Marzen he brewed on his personal stand – mmmmmm good.

HLT, MT, and BK

For more information about Levitate Brewing Systems, contact them directly through their website: http://levitatebrew.com/, or drop by Southern Brewing and Winemaking soon to see one for yourself.