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Tampa Bay Tapped

Tampa Bay Tapped

Tampa Bay Tapped

Tampa Bay Tapped is a volunteer-run non-profit organization dedicated to taking all that fantastic craft-beer energy you have and turning it into social good. You can help too – just join them for an event!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Kendra Greseth, Social Media Director for Tampa Bay Tapped in April. Kendra’s one of the public faces of this incredible charity-focused, not-for-profit organization and Tampa Bay Tappedhad plenty to say about the great things they’re doing in the community. – JGT

John – So Kendra – tell me a little about Tampa Bay Tapped – how did you get started, what is your purpose, and what do you do for the community?

Kendra – Some of the people in Tampa Bay Uncorked who really like beer got the idea to create a new group, focused on beer as much as Tampa Bay Uncorked is focused on wine, to promote local charities and turn the group’s creative energies into good for the Tampa Bay area. We’re also very interested in beer and Tampa’s growing beer scene, and this group helps us keep in touch with the local beer community. We started in 2011 and have run a few events since then with some great success.

John – How do you support charities? I mean – how does love for beer translate into social good?

Kendra – So basically we’re taking individuals who share a passion for beer and bringing them together in events that benefit local charities. For example one of our first events was a Pub Crawl back in January – we organized the event, set up the logistics, etc., and raised nearly $5,000 for the Children’s Cancer Center.

John – Wow, that’s impressive. How do you select your charities?

Kendrafirst and foremost, the charities must be local. We want to benefit our local community and the best way to do that is to find charities with local roots and help local people. We’ve worked with Suncoast Hospice, the Children’s AIDS Foundation of Tampa Bay, Sunken Gardens, and the Children’s Cancer Center to name a few. Anyone can recommend a charity, but in order to work with us you have to help plan and execute the event!

John – Kendra, that’s awesome. Tell me more about your events – are they all pub crawls?

Kendra – No, actually that was just one of the events we do. We just finished an awesome brewery tour through Cigar City, Rapp Brewing, Barley Mow, Dunedin, Saint Somewhere, and Big Storm.  Basically we chartered a bus, set up special tours, and took people around to meet the brewers and the learn more about them.

John – When’s the next event?

Kendrawell the Tampa Bay Tapped leadership is doing double duty with Uncorked as well, so right now we don’t have any events planned until this summer – we look forward to another pub crawl, this time on the Tampa side, and another brewery tour after that! We are excited to have been asked by Florida Beer Company to volunteer for the Beer Bites and Brushes event taking place this Friday, May 17th and provided with the opportunity to name the benfitting charity, The Children’s Dream Fund!

You can reach Tampa Bay Tapped on http://www.tampabaytapped.com or through their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TampaBayTapped.